My bucket list – created Dec 2011

Here is my bucket list. I created it in December 2011 and I’ve moved it to a new page so that I can update it as, and when, I manage to complete something from it. I will also make notes here and there…

1. Get married.

– We are engaged, so we’re getting there! [14/09/2012]

2. Have a child.

3. Get a degree.

– I am due to graduate in 2016 with a degree in Crime & Criminology. I just have to keep my head down. [14/09/2012]

4. Go to at least 50% of the states of America.

5 so far – California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New York. [14/09/2012]

5. Go on a cruise.

– We went on a dinner cruise in Prague, but I’m not counting that! [14/09/2012]

6. Fly first class.

7. Go skiing.

8. See a whale.

9. Stay in the prison hotel in Bath.

10. Do a sky jump.

11. Complete a 4 week detox.

– I’ve only ever managed 3 weeks before. [14/09/2012]

12. Keep a diary for an entire year.

13. Camp on a beach over night.

14. Go to another country for a month.

15. Read the Bible.

16. Visit India.

17. Do a photography course.

– I started a photography course, but I wasn’t enjoying the content so I didn’t finish it. I’ll do another one though, once I’m working within the Police force. [14/09/2012]

18. Sell at least one photograph.

19. Go to a Jazz club.

– We went to a Jazz restaurant this year, and it was beautiful, but I’m not counting it. [14/09/2012] 

20. Play a full round of golf.

21. Attend an American hockey game.

22. Attend an American baseball game.

23. See England play an important football game.

24. Go on a snowmobile.

25. Stay at an Ice Hotel.

26. Sleep in a tree house.

27. See a rocket launch.

28. See the Northern lights.

29. Go to Paris.

– I actually went to Paris, some time in the 90s, however, I wanted to go again so that’s why it is on the list. DONE :: May 2012 [14/09/2012]

30. Play a table game in a casino.

– We had a casino at our work Christmas party, and I played at the table there, but I’m not counting it. [14/09/2012]

31. Use a pottery wheel.

32. Make my own wine.

33. Make my own jam.

34. Get an autograph.

35. Get a photograph published on a website or in paper.

36. Have high tea at a posh London hotel.

37. Go in a hot tub in the snow/winter.

38. Grow a vegetable and eat it.

39. Go cheese tasting.

40. Stay in a log cabin.

41. Go to Pride.

42. Go to a drive in movie.

43. Drink Absinthe.

44.  Go to a music fesitval.

45. Take a photo of a galaxy.

– I have finally seen a galaxy! On my birthday this year I saw Andromeda. It was beautiful. I have not yet photographed one, but I feel like I’ve taken a step closer. [14/09/2012]

46. Experience fasting.

47. Have a facial treatment.

48. Have a manicure.

49. Sleep in a lighthouse.

50. Pick strawberries.

51. Travel on an over night train.

52. Buy something on eBay and re-sell it for a profit.

53. Ride a motorbike.

54. Attend a ballet.

55. Attend an opera.

56. Own or co-own property.

57. Attend a cooking class.

58. Make my own piece of silver jewellery.

59. See penguins in the wild.

60. Travel from one country to another by train. 

– We went on the Euro tunnel this year, twice! I’m going to count it for now, but I want to do it ‘properly’, as a foot passenger, to somewhere a little more exotic! [14/09/2012]

61. Attend La Tomatina.

62. Own something by Alexander McQueen.

63. Meditate every day for 1 month.

64. Carve something from a piece of wood.

65. Go on a retreat.

66. Buy something at auction.

67. Go to Japan.

68. See a new year in whilst in another country.

69. See Niagra falls.

70. Visit Canada.

71. See a pyramid.

72. Visit every continent.

73. Go on safari.

74. Ride on a quad bike .

75. Hike the Inca trail.

– This one might be tricky – I’ve heard some things about it and I really suffer badly from altitude sickness, so I’d have to really research it and may have to replace this one with another. [14/09/2012]

76. See two films in a row at the cinema.

77. Sleep on a boat (the cruise ship doesn’t count).

78. Visit Thailand.

79. Holiday on the Amalfi coast.

80. Make my own soap.

81. Go in a hot air balloon.

82. Learn sign language.

83. Go to a Christmas market abroad.

84. Make an outfit.

85. Make a camera.

86. Go to Easter Island.

87. Go on a 5 mile walk.

88. Go to 20 Hard Rock Cafes (there are 150).

89. Raise £1,000 for charity.

90. Visit the lava in Iceland.

91. Eat at 5 Michelin star restaurants.

I’ve eaten at The Fat Duck [Heston’s place]. 4 more to go. [14/09/2012]

92. See a Shakespeare play.

93. Visit Mexico.

94. Visit New Zealand.

95. Hold a monkey.

96. Make my own pasta.

97. See the sun rise and set in the same day.

98. Visit New York again.

99. Do a 48 hour silence.

100. Take a week off to volunteer somewhere.

101. See the Terracotta Army.

– I’ve just added this one because it’s something that I’ve always wanted to see, and it should have been on this list. [14/09/2012]


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